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Rowing Faster - Volker Nolte

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Get a length up on the competition with cutting-edge technique, training, and racing information. Let the top rowing coaches and scientists in the world steer you to ultimate success, starting with sound training and racing principles and adding increasingly advanced instruction, drills, and insights all the way to the finish. 

Rowing Faster is the most comprehensive and detailed guide for achieving excellence in the sport. Inside you’ll find the following advice:

  • Techniques, drills, and progressions used by World and Olympic champions to master every phase of the stroke
  • Tests to assess your rowing fitness and workouts to develop an aerobic base, increase anaerobic threshold, improve VO2max, and build rowing-specific strength and power
  • A rowing periodization plan to sequence all the training components into a complete training program to maximize boat speed for 1000 meters, 2000 meters, and head racing
  • Racing plans and tactics that have been proven successful at the highest levels of competition


Cut through the water faster than ever. Rowing Faster will boost your speed and performance to the highest level. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Training
Chapter 1. The Art of Rowing
Chapter 2. Physiology of Rowing
Chapter 3. Physiological Monitoring of Athletes
Chapter 4. Medical Concerns for Rowers
Chapter 5. Developing an Aerobic Base 
Chapter 6. Improving Anaerobic Threshold
Chapter 7. Sprint and Speed Work
Chapter 8. Strength Training
Chapter 9. Periodization for Rowers 

Part 2: Technique
Chapter 10. Biomechanics of Rowing 
Chapter 12. Rigging
Chapter 12. Blade Work 
Chapter 13. The Catch
Chapter 14. Leg Drive 
Chapter 15. Recovery 
Chapter 16. The Inside View of Rowing
Chapter 17. Ergometer Technique 
Chapter 18. Biomechanical Equipment

Part 3: Racing
Chapter 19. Selection of Athletes and Crews
Chapter 20. Race Plans and Tactics 
Chapter 21. Focusing on the Race
Chapter 22. Coxing